About Us

Technology and websites are hard…I can help translate nerd talk to plain english.

I know, that’s what they all say – right?

It is what all the marketing messages say.  You go to 10 out of 15 “web developer” or “social media guru’s” or “creative agency” or “full-service ideas company”.  These are all baloney.  Don’t these people realize when you use marketing speak to tell people what you do, you’ve used words and buzzwords they don’t know.

What do we do…for real, in english.

  • Listen.
    You are the one with ideas – I can help you execute.  We’ll talk through the idea togethr – then I’ll ask questions – like “What else?” and “Tell me more” and we’ll break it down more.  We work until you can’t tell any more.  Then its time for a game plan.
  • Refine.
    After listening, and this is a promise to listen, we plan it out.  I’ll help you refine the concept and then we’ll work together to the idea down to the bare essentials for testing…without breaking the bank.
  • Execute.
    You are an expert at what you do –  I’ll break this down into manageable chunks.  I’ll put together the steps you need to get from idea to completion.  I don’t do the work and I won’t take credit – my job is to simply help you understand and conquer technological barriers and give you information you need to solve the problem.

Make sense?

We hope so –  if not, we didn’t do a good job.